Tips to prepare for the new school year

A High School Student’s Tips to Prepare for a Successful School Year
A High School Student’s Tips to Prepare for a Successful School Year

A High School Student’s Tips to Prepare for a Successful School Year

August 9, 2017


At Home

Mikaela S., a rising 10th grader, is taking over the blog today to share her hard-earned insight on how students can best prepare for the upcoming school year.

The first week of school is both one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times of the year. Figuring out classes, making friends, and adjusting to a new environment all happen during the first few weeks of the school year, but you can set yourself up for success with these tips to start the year off right.

The Week Before

Preparing for the school year should start at least a week in advance. If you’ve been staying up late, try going to bed a little earlier and waking up earlier each day to help get used to your new sleep schedule. Before you get any homework assignments, clear a quiet workspace for yourself at home, such as a desk, and organize any shelves or drawers you’ll be using for supplies. It helps to buy most of the basic school supplies, such as notebooks and pens, before school starts, and then purchase more specific items once your teachers give you a list.

A Few Days Before

Make sure you know what to do on the first day. Check that you have a way to get to school, whether it’s the bus, carpooling with a friend, or a ride from a parent. Memorize important things you’ll need to know, like your class schedule and your locker combination, and write them down. That way, you won’t forget where you need to be or get lost. This is also a great time to check with your friends to see what classes they have!

The Night Before

It’s important to be well rested for your first day. Put all your school supplies in your backpack so you won’t be rushing in the morning and go to bed early. Be sure you’ve checked the bus routes or confirmed that you’ll be getting a ride, because it’s never good to be late on the first day.

The First Day

Make sure to eat a good breakfast that morning and arrive on time to all your classes to make a good first impression with your teachers. After every class, write down the homework the teacher assigned, extra school supplies you might need, and any other information you don’t want to forget. Preparing for school may take some effort, but it will help you have your most successful school year yet!

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